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How to control your emotions instantly?

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Kiki Cordalis

"Marc has this wonderful gift to radically get to the point, thanks to his carefull listening, a great sense of humor and his authentic personality.

I really appreciate him for being such a completely honest and empathetic person.

He has extrasensory powers and has the ability to establish relief from problems and pain within seconds. I speak from personal experience and I am truely convinced that whoever books the services of Marc Kettenbach enables the long awaited positive change of his life to come true."

Pravahi Annette Plumhoff


"This kind of energy work is like a jewel for me, a jewel that increases its shiny appearance by integrating it with easyness and joy into my daily life. Marc Kettenbach‘s accuracy in identifying problems and of efficiently correcting them with the method of Energetic Upgrade so that a change is immediately noticable is always very surprising. Inconceivable for the mind, but effective and lasting. The seminars of Marc and Colette have enriched my life and made me happier than ever before. I thank you for that with all of my heart."

Carsten Licher
Natural health practitioner

Two years ago, one of my patients made me aware of Marc Kettenbach and the Energetic Upgrade program. Since I had already been using different kinds of alternative tests in my practice, I immediately felt very comfortable with the Energetic Upgrade system. Well structured by the cards there always is a guideline as an orientation. Right at the first seminar, I recognized the mighty power of that tool I was given. The changes were noticeable by myself and my wife who eversince accompanies me at the seminars. Meanwhile I have been visiting three Energetic Upgrade seminars and each single one of them was a personal gain. Marc shares his knowledge and his experiences in humorous and profound manner. The whole subject sounds freaky but I am a result-oriented person wasting not too much energy on a discussion whether something works or not. Let me tell you one thing: It works! Since the year 2011 I participated in many seminars about natural healing, coaching etc.  and I can say that Energetic Upgrade was one of those that strongly triggered personal growth, not to mention the successes in the work with my patients. I am very happy to have that tool.