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Freedom is a feeling. If we feel free, we are. To accomplish that feeling, one needs to become authentic.

Meet Marc Kettenbach

Marc is a passionate person focused on results. His inspiring energy helps people to find their true passion in life. His energetic work and teachings are long lasting, proven and empower his clients to get exactly what they want out of their lives.

Marc is an energetic speaker, author, transformational coach, a martial artist (with more than three decades of experience,, a certified trainer in several energetic and healing modalities, a hypnosis coach and trainer for NLP. People like to call him a „New Age Shaman“.

Marc is also the co-founder of two powerful transformational tools called N2H (Nice to Have) and Boosting Intentions.

In 2014, he co-founded “Energetic Upgrade” seminars with Colette Marie Stefan, in what has been said to be “state of the art” when it comes to energy shifting and reality steering.

“Feel free, be authentic & correct the rest!“


Marc Kettenbach


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„Hieb und Stichfest“ equals  SELFdefense on all levels; suitable for responsible people.

Our courses are designed to enforce SELF-awareness and SELF-confidence and to support our members by establishing this on all levels.

Martial arts based on principles trains body and mind at the same time. The latest findings connected to the brain and consciousness as well as traditional knowledge concerning energetic work are used to help to design the lectures.

The founder of „Hieb und Stichfest“, Marc Kettenbach, gives worldwide Energetic Upgrade™ seminars about mental techniques, energy work and reality steering, so that SELF-consciousness reaches another level at „Hieb und Stichfest“.

Exhausting practical training combined with knowledge about energetic correlations show how body, mind and spirit support each other and help to understand how transformation can be reached at all levels.

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Ronnie Jung

"I work a lot with N2H and Energetic Upgrade and I am always happy when there is the chance to learn something new in this area by means of seminars or books of Marc.

Be it the N2H formula or Energetic Upgrade, I use them in my daily life. It helps me to handle problems more easily and to solve them faster.

At my first coaching with Marc I had back pain and after the coaching it was just gone. At first I couldn't believe it, but it works. From that time on I work with these tools every day. I highly can recommend this to everybody."

Nicole Nowotny

April 2010 

At this time I physically felt very badly since my tumoral operation was carried out not long ago. This operation could be, taken as such, concluded successfully but during the performance my bowel had been injured seriously so that a second operation became necessary. I was approached by Marc Kettenbach, since he had recognized that I was not feeling well. After an intense coaching session with him, in which I had not talked about that special issue, he told me that organic-wise I would be in harmony again and that the upcomming operation would not be necessary anymore. Tow weeks later, the preexamination for the operation took place. After the anesthesia, astonished the doctor asked me whether or not I was the patient belonging to the existing medical reports and pictures. He told me that my bowel was completely well and he believed I had come just for a peventive inspection instead for a preexamination for an operation. He asked me bewildered how this could be. I didn't answer ... but went home with a wonderful feeling.

August / September 2014

At this time I was completely burned out and due to certain professional and also private issues entirely weak. After two sessions with Marc I went home truely empowered. I was approached in the street and asked about my great charisma. I was just feeling happy could handle again all the stressfull situations at work. They were the same as befor but they didn't bother me anymore and eversince I can cope with stressfull situations and I am able to act and react appropriately.