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How to control your emotions instantly?

Try the “I don’t care switch” (IDCS) for free! Get free training and the 3 part video series, where you learn how to be in control of your emotions instantly!

Jayc Jay
Artist / Bestseller author

 "On the path to find your true inner self, you rarely meet people who are able to trigger quantum shifts in you. The unicum Marc Kettenbach is a true master in helping people to leave old stuff behind and to develop rapidly and independently in order to find their true inner self. During his seminars and coachings, I received tools which I really make use of every day. I conclude my projects successfully in a way that wouldn’t have been possible before. I am very grateful for having found this treasure."

Costa Cordalis
Singer/ Entertainer

 "Once I had strong back pain and Marc treated me right before my stage performance. After the treatment the pain was gone, I was really motivated and even could dance Sirtaki on stage… Marc saved my performance!"

Tanja Spengel

"Thanks to the coachings and seminars with Marc, several aspects of my life changed for the better.

For instance, several years ago when I suffered from burnout, Marc supported me by his coachings in a way that my situation improved within a relatively short time without the need of a therapy or cure.

I am very grateful to have someone like Marc around me, a coach that I trust and who supports me in every kind of transformation. Thank you very much, Marc!"

Wiebke Katzenberger

 "A student develops his talents with the help of a good teacher. Marc has proven that to me for years. He showed me how to enforce my talents and added several useful tools. When he and Colette started with Energetic Upgrade and I hold the first cards in my hand, I knew that they are my treasure. My corrections became unbelievably fast and precise.

The playful easiness that characterizes Marc’s identification of deep problematic issues is fantastic. Great burden and pain disappears within seconds after his corrections. Absolutely fantastic and magic!"